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After Tanushree Dutta’s fearless and bold move of coming forward and talking about her sexual harassment case, a wave of #MeToo movement has stirred off. Many women are coming forward to shame the harassers.

People like Vikas Bahl and Chetan Bhagat also faced the wrath of this wave. Women called out their names for allegedly trying to sexually molest them.

In another shocking case, three different women have accused famous actor and filmmaker Rajat Kapur of misconduct. Famous Journalist Sandhya Menon who has been a front-runner in the #MeToo movement received messages from two separate girls who told their share of story where Rajat tried to harm their dignity. Another woman was a model from America who also shared her incident where Rajat went out of lines and that affected the woman deeply.

The first incident had taken place in 2007 where a journalist was interviewing Rajat over the phone and as the conversation proceeded, Rajat tried to be over-friendly and then he shifted the conversation to other topics that involved some inappropriate sexual questions. This incident made the girl feel really uncomfortable and she was confused about the action she should take.

The second incident involves Rajat Kapoor calling a girl from Saurabh Shukla’s phone and asking her to shoot a scene of a film he is keen on making. He told the girl that the scene would be shot in an ‘empty house’.

Now, seeing all this Rajat came forward, accepted his mistake and apologised on Twitter.

This trend has finally given enough courage to the women to speak up and we cannot be much happier.
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- Shivam
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