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Coffee, well, what can I say which hasn’t been told but yet we are never bored of this discovery of nature and humankind!
If you are part of the corporate culture and entrepreneurship of the booming India, coffee is more close to you than your spouse I suppose. Do not try to offend us by saying coffee addicts, because we take it as a pride, not sure whether we should but we f*#%ing need that to deal with rest of the people.
The magic of that perfect cup of coffee
Sipping coffee and working on something at a cafe is becoming an essential part of the new generation's lifestyle, it is simply because coffee is no more just a beverage but a form of self-expression.
The Quick-sip coffees, literally gulping!
Sometimes just out of panic or anything, we gulp any kind of coffee we get our hands on. The weird coffees where the sugar explodes in your mouth or the ones where Cappuccino feels like Americano, we still have it and leave!
The Coffee experts making the experience even better everyday
Veetika Deoras, a coffee connoisseur and Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing at Tata Starbucks, believes that with more customised coffee and experiential service the beverage has found a place in the lifestyle of a common global citizen.
The stress buster and the company to long hour of Chit-chats
Coffee is surely the beverages which gives us the best company in our 'me time', at the same time, it is great company when we already have another company. Chit-chats, gossip and coffee is also what makes the experience remember. Ofcourse, it boosts your mind under work pressure, and when you want to feel stress-free and relax but it offers much more than just relaxation.
The coffee of Saturday-Sundays
Though it is marketed widely but still the combination of a book and a cup of coffee is just too comforting to get it overrated. A perfect coffee and the perfect book to read in Saturday-Sunday mornings is what makes your life beautiful.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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