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Everyone’s favourite Jimmy Fallon never fails to amuse us. His comic antics and witty lines make us go swooning over him. I mean there’d be hardly any episode where Jimmy failed to make you lose your senses and laugh whole heartedly.

Well, ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show’ is a hot favourite show that enjoys good TRP, one of the many quirky things from the show is its format of giving hash tags to the audience and then asking them to create wonders.

This fall, Jimmy came up with an all-new hashtag that says #MyTeacherIsWeird. This involves people telling the craziest and hilarious things their teachers used to do. And, as expected people listened to Captain Fallon to come up with incidents and stories that can crackle up almost everyone, even a dead body, YEAH!

From personal remarks about their marriage to social experiments in class, these teachers have been there and done it all and gave the students some everlasting memories.

So, without much ado, just put your fingers at work and scroll down for a feast of laughter, here is a compilation of some of the best tweets that sailed in:-

1). Dedication That Is Unmatchable

2). I Wish My Teachers Were Half As Cool As This Man

3). Because When You Give A Word, You Should Always Stand By It

4). Can You Feel The Chills? I Can!

5). Weird? It’s the Epitome Of Weird

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- Shivam
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