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Science Fiction is a genre that excites everyone as it marks the collaboration of science and cinematic world. The films made in this genre try to put a comment on the possibilities of technology, future advancements, possible theories for an action, boon and bane of technology etc.

In simple terms, science fiction can be regarded as a ‘fantasy’ genre that is backed up with facts and science. This is the reason that the genre is also termed as "speculative fiction."

There have been great films made in this genre, these films told a great story that involved science in its full throttle. Some of the best films are:- Odyssey:2001, Back to the future, E.T., Interstellar, Inception etc.

Well, Bollywood also tried its hands at this genre and created some good films like Mr.India and Robot; but this happened once in a blue moon because other times Bollywood created a mess, oh sorry, a horrendous mess of a science fiction film.

Let’s have a look at some of the worst science fiction films that are produced and made in Bollywood:-

1). Love Story 2050
This film marked the debut of ‘Sasta Hrithik Roshan’ – Harman Baweja. While his action sucked, the film sucked much more. With a horrendous storyline, tacky graphics and excruciating dialogues; this film was SHIT!

2). Alag
The film was promoted by biggest of stars and everyone wanted to see what the makers have to offer. When the movie got released, everyone knew why this movie needed so much of PROMOTION! *sigh*

3). Aa Dekhein Zara
An interesting idea where a camera can capture future events was turned into a messed up film because of a shoddy screenplay, bad acting and unnecessary skin show.

4). Rudraksh
This film is way ahead of its time, like wayyyy aheaaaaad, normal human beings just cannot tell what the fuck maker wanted to say. I cannot write anything about the story as I could not understand it, ahhh, it’s so freaking torturous.

5). Jaane Hoga Kya
Aftab Shivdasani plays a scientist and clones himself, and the clone goes on to destruct everything just like the movie destructed our brain cells. BAD!

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- Shivam
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