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Filmmaker Anand Shankar who is on a roll as his latest film NOTA starring Vijay Deverakonda is receiving all the praise for its subject matter and execution. Earlier, Shankar has made hit films like Atharvaa's Arima Nambi and Chiyaan Vikram's Irumugan. All his films have completely been of opposite genres and that is what makes him someone to look out for.

He was asked at an interview – How he managed to pull off three different genres so perfectly? Anand replied: "Yes, I want to experiment with different genres. I think this is a phase where I must explore things. Fortunately, both my previous films did earn a substantial profit for my producers. I always wished to make a drama with strong characters. Also, it's been long since a proper political satire was written and I thought this is the correct time. Only when I try different genres, I can feel the audience's pulse and execute well. The making of an action film focuses mostly on the pace and the grandeur but helming a drama is quite a different experience since we deal with the performances and emotions."

Anand also reveals how he came up with the idea of NOTA: "I have written some scripts after Irumugan, but I craved for some content without the mundane hero-villain chases. With a fresh crew on board, the ideas and thought processes will be new, and it reflects in the film made. I was developing a line when I came across Shan Karuppasamy's Vettattam. When I decided to adapt it into a movie and bought the rights, I already decided to use him as the co-writer. I felt his insights and facts could add more authenticity to the film."

He also showered all his love and praise on ‘Arjun Reddy’ fame actor Vijay, he said: "The comfort in working with performers is that they always give more than what a director expected. Directing Vijay Deverakonda is a real delight, his understanding of acting is unique, especially after working in only a few films. His intense acting skills and his looks are a deadly combination. He's an effortless actor and an effortless personality too. If things work out as expected, he is going to do big and stay forever."
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- Shivam
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