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Disney Princesses are too sweet and adorable that they can melt your heart within no time. But, have you ever thought about the fierce side of these cute characters? Ever thought that they can totally be badass if given a chance?

No? Astor Alexander, a freelance illustrator from San Diego, Califonia has done the unimaginable for you by reimagining Disney princesses as characters from the dark and gritty world of ‘neo-noir’ genre. Alex has named this series ‘Noir Princesses’.

Noir is a genre that depicts greed, lust, anger and sexual motivations of human nature. Noir fiction protagonists are usually self-destructive, dealing with a corrupt legal, political or other systems. Their stories often lead to lose-lose situations, too. So you can just imagine that how tough it would have been for Alex to put the adorable Disney characters on the other end of the spectrum.

But, thankfully the result is great. The illustrations look as real as they can. So, without much ado, just scroll down and have a look:-

1). "Miss White & The Unlawful Seven"

2). "Beast Hunter"

3). "Pocahontas Private Eye"

4). "The Arabian Heist"

5). "The Long Sleep"

Were you able to identify all the characters correctly with the help of title and pictures? Share your answers in the comments. Let us see how good you know our beloved princesses.
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- Shivam
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