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Navratri fever is on and people across the country are all set to enjoy the Garba nights, Dusshehra and delicious food on the street. However, there are few people who usually take a whole different turn when it’s Navratri season. And they are people in offices. So, today we will tell you about types of people you get to face in office during this auspicious festival.
So let’s check out the list
#1 Navratro Pe No Daaru - No Non Veg
That colleague who eats non-vegetarian friend food and booze around throughout the year but his devotion to God can only be seen during Navratri when he turns vegetarian.
#2 Bhai Ismei Lehsan Pyaz Toh Nahi
That colleague who avoids onion and garlic during Navratri. You can find them taking validation from other employees whether the food has onion or garlic.
#3 Ye Kab Khatm Honge Navratrey
One who always ask silly question that when Navratri is getting during every break. Be it a Sutta or a lunch break. (Even if he meets when you are in washroom).
#4 Traditional Kab Pehen K Aana Hai
And then there are women who are only excited about wearing traditional outfit and also look for Ladoos when Navaratri celebration is done in the office.
#5 Mera to Wrat Hai 9 Dino Tak Toh Fruits Hi Kha Sakti Hun
There are people who are quite devotional in the office and you can always see the bucket full of fruits on their desk during Navratri.
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