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If you are the person who believes that money is the root cause of every issue, it is never money but it is always the desire inside you. To have more and more no matter how much you have, that is greed and if you don’t understand it by yourself, nothing in this world is capable of satisfying you ever!
A misquotation of the Bible states money is the root of all evil but the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, found out that money is just an instrumental good. A greedy person is too attached to materialistic things than the internal things, therefore, he/she desires more money and more things in an excessive way.
Story #1 - The first story tells that how dangerous it can be to set your lustfulness free.
Not everything that sparkles is gold, so don’t let your greed show you the way.
Moral of the story: Don’t jump on any and every shortcut you see to get what you want. In life, shortcuts also need to be earned!
Story #2 – Your greed not only kills you, it kills your loved ones too.
Greed is not a financial issue. It's a heart issue. – Andy Stanley
Moral of the story: Your greed can create difficulty not only for you but your child will learn the same thing and thus, your child will be in trouble too.
Story #3 – When you avoid materialistic needs, only then can you get true happiness.
The lady casually sees a diamond necklace.
She ignored it as if it didn't exist.
The lady did not take what she hasn’t earned, no matter how tempting the offer is!
The monster is the symbolism of our negative emotions, when you avoid the monster of your mind, it stops disturbing you too.
Moral of the story: When greed is not your driving force, you eventually gain greater things in life.
Greed has unpleasant effects on our inner emotional lives which immediately gives you success but at the long run, you are left alone, full of anxiety, depression and restlessness.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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