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Gang of Wasseypur is a movie in which every single dialogue has its own background story. From the dialogue Baap Ka Dada Ka Sabka Badla Lega Re Tera Faisal to Maarenge Nahi Sale Ko Keh K Lenge Saale Ki. Today we won’t be talking about all the dialogues but one dialogue which is quite apt and answers all the questions that are trending in India currently.
We have given this dialogue our own angle and shown how this actor would have answered to trending questions in India.
The dialogue is from the Mandi scene in the movie in which three people are on the call together and when the actor asks “Kathal Kaahe Kharid Raha Hai” and then the conversation goes ahead and the other actor says “Brahmin Sabka Meat Hota Hai Na Bhaiya Kathal”.
This actor from Gangs of Wasseypur has the answer to all the trending questions in India. Let's check out...
1) Petrol Price Kaahe Badh Gaya Hai
2) E Pubg Kaahe Download Kar Rahe Hai Sab?
3) #MeToo Movement Ka Hai Bhai?
4) Modi Sarkar Ne Kya Kiya Hai Re Abtak?
5) E Nick Jonas Kaun Hai Re?
Talking about the actor, he is Akash Sinha, who delivers the epic dialogue “Brahmin Sabka Meat Hota Hai Na Bhaiya Kathal”. The talented actor has worked in films like Gangs Of Wasseypur, Shahid, and was also a part of the film Baga Beach which won a national award in the regional film category.
Check out the video and enjoy the scene
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Author - Amit Singh
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