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Here are some amazing things which start happening to you body if you start your day with a glass of warm water.
1.Helps in Weight Loss
For all those who wants to reduce your weight, keep in mind having a glass of warm water every morning can do wonders to your body and help in weight reduce you can even add lemon and honey which is also helpful.
2.Cures Menstrual Cramps
During those five days pain and abdominal cramps is common so it’s better and natural to take a glass or cup of warm water rather than those medicines which has side effects to get relief. Even if you have headache and stomach ache try to sip a glass of warm water before taking any medicine.
3. Prevents Aging
3. Prevents AgingThe presence of toxins in the body can make aging faster. When our body accumulates toxins, it becomes prone to illness and aging. Warm water can help cleanse the body from toxins. So try this easy way to look younger than your age.
4. Improves Digestion
Did you know having cold water after meals solidifies the oils and fats in the food you have just eaten this then deposit fat and makes digestion difficult. So it’s advised to have arm water instead of cold water which will help in digestion.
5. Promotes Hair Growth & Fights Dandruff
Now nothing can be greater than this, warm water keeps the scalp hydrated and thus helps in fighting against dandruff. However having a glass of warm water even help in hair growth as it’s a great source of energy for our hair cell.
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