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Bad Luck can hit you in unexpected ways. Recently, a young man who happens to share the same name with the alleged harasser and Donald Trump’s Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanagh. Twitter thought that he is the same man and abused him left, right and centre.

Brett, the 27 year old cloth supplier from Kentucky says: “I had a couple of beers and I was like ‘You know what, I’m just going to throw this out there. I thought to myself, ‘This is a terrible time to be named Brett Kavanagh.”

He put forward a tweet to clear the confusion, he tweeted: “It was literally like a machine gun, it was like my phone caught a virus. It was constantly vibrating.” Around 1 million people liked and many retweeted his statement.

Brett’s boss was confused as well and he says: “I told him, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. It started with a joke here or there. But then it became crazy as the process went on.”

Brett’s statement has made him an internet sensation and he says: “I never use Twitter. I had 127 followers. Now, I see that celebrities on Instagram are screenshotting it and my phone is just blowing up.”

This is Brett who was chosen by Trump as Supreme Court's nominee and who was slapped with the allegation of sexual assault.

This is the young man who had to face the wrath because his luck was real bad.

This is how people reacted to this poor chap's ordeal.
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- Shivam
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