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Puja is here and to all the Bongs reading this, happy Shashti to y’all. If you are already stressed out on what to make today, though Bengalis are full of recipes but for an easy and delicious recipe, you can opt for Bengali style Chicken Korma. This is an easy recipe and the ingredients used in making will be easily available at your home.
So get ready with the ingredients and let’s get started!
Chicken - 1 Kg (Large pieces), Poppy seeds paste - 1 table spoon, Coriander powder - 1 table spoon, Coconut oil, Cumin powder - 2 teaspoons, Turmeric powder - 1 tablespoon, chilly powder - 2 tablespoons, 1/2 cup of yogurt, Salt (As per taste), Cashew paste (2 table spoons), Raisin (10-12), Ghee (100 gms), Sugar - 2 teaspoons.
1. Pour together all the spices except ghee and raisin to make a mixture with yogurt.
2. Mix all the ingredients with chicken, spread it well and keep it for 2 hours.
3. Heat the ghee in a pan and add sugar to it.
4. Next, after the ghee is hot, pour the chicken along with all the spices.
5. Cook this in low flame, it will take some time.
6. When the chicken is boiled and the oil is released from the spices, your chicken korma is ready to be served with polao.
As you know, polao is the tastiest and the easiest form of rice which goes with any kind of gravy based recipe. Chicken Korma along with Bengali Polao will be the best combination to start the puja with.
Here is the recipe video for you as well:
<iframe width="100%" height="250" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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