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Children are disguised form of blessings, but sometimes these blessings will not think twice to become an outright boon for us.

So, remember when they say parenting is tough, they are actually very right!

An illustrator who is a mother of a 2yr old munchkin explains in her quirky illustrations that how her child plans various ways to hurt her and how!

Her comic series ‘How a 2yr old can hurt you’ is going viral and when she was asked about it, she said: “I’ve done a lot of comics when I was younger but stopped for a long time. One side effect of having children is that it gives you the real sense of mortality. When my second child turned two, I had the urge to start again because if I didn’t, I might never achieve my dream. It was fun and meaningful to document my children’s growth, as well as mine. The parents from all over the world told me how this is just like their life experience. I’m happy to know that I was not alone in this situation, and so do other people who read my comics.”

The fun comics explore the sides of parenthood and the hassles one faces while raising a child.

So, without much ado, let us get started:-

1). Weapon: Head, Target: Chin

2). Weapon: Head, Target: Crotch

3). Weapon: Butt, Target: Back

4). Weapon: Feet, Target: Face

5). Weapon: Hands, Target: Face

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- Shivam
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