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As more and more men and women are speaking out, more creeps are coming out who have been sheltered for so long. Now the issue is that not many big names are supporting this movement and that is becoming an issue because that will only cause further harm. When the industry authoritatives will not take stand against these creeps, nothing will really happen!
Looking at the current situation, Kangana Ranaut has slammed film producer and director, Karan Johar and senior actress, Shabana Azmi for not taking a stand. Shabana Azmi is known for being a philanthropist but yet, no word has come out from her side. Neither have Karan Johar spoken anything about the movement.
So, when Kangana was asked in an interview with a leading media house about the recent events, she said, "Karan Johar has views about gym looks and airport looks. He tweets ten times about it. What about this? This is their identity. This is their bread and butter. When the film industry is going through such an important shift, where are they?"
Speaking of the matter further, Kangana blasted Karan Johar for not speaking out on MeToo. The ‘Queen’ actress said, "I have been speaking about it every day. But, now, more significantly, more people need to come out and talk about it. It's just not one person to talk about it. It's important for people like... Where are people like Karan Johar, Shabana Azmi, they should also come out and talk."
The actress added further, "Karan Johar always has views about gym looks, airport looks, he tweets ten times about it, what about this? This is their identity, this is their bread and butter. Film industry when it's going through such an important shift, where are they? It's important that other people also now join this movement."
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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