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Dogs are the best thing created by the almighty. These fluffy creatures can bring shine to a mundane day just with a little wiggle of their tail. There’ll be hardly anyone who hates dogs and if you there is someone, I request you to please book an appointment at a mental asylum. *sigh*

I have a dog and I make sure that he stays with me wherever I go, like I want to spend 24 hours with him but that is certainly not possible as I am clearly not that lucky but there is someone who is living a life worth envious.

A Czechian freelance photographer named Honza Řeháček has a bite for travel and while he does so, there is a cute little creature giving him some company, ALWAYS!

This is Honza’s wolfdog Sitka. He takes his dog on wild adventures and creates photos that look gorgeous and heart melting. He uses nature’s many colours and hue to create scintillating photos of Sitika and his work has been widely appreciated over the social media.

Here is a list of photos featuring Honza and Sitika living the best days of their life, Scroll down:-
1). Awwwww Feels Max!

2). DDLJ Revisited

3). Barfeela Sama, Ham Tum Jawan

4). I’ll Just Lie And Sleep

5). Watch’a Looki’n At, Hooman?
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- Shivam
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