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Someone has rightly said – ‘Absurdity has no religion’

Religion in India has become a great business for some people, some self-proclaimed godmen earn crores by uttering illogical things and speeches that are full of hatred towards other religion.

Many times, these godmen have said things that affected the course of mankind, so without much ado, let us begin the mass murder of your grey cells:-

1). Swami Nithyanad
I am still trying to figure, what the actual fuck did he want to convey? Albert Einstein, we are sorry, we have failed you. Wondering if he had snorted some cocaine before giving this lecture.

2). Baba Ramdev
What a great logic, can someone ask him from where does gaumutra arrive? I will not be shocked if he goes away making ‘Patanjali Veg Eggs’.

3). Sakshi Maharaj
Is he even thinking straight? I mean we are already over 1 billion, khudke lage pade hain nayi zindagi ko kya ghanta zindagi milegi yahan, bro?

4). Om Swami
Why didn’t they just give you saza-e-maut or something? You actually ‘piss’-ed everyone. LOL!

5). Thakurji Maharaj
And, the best one! The raging meme material that made us realize the importance of ‘langeauz’ and ‘yaar’. Btw, he said this thing when he was unable to answer legit questions of a teen girl.

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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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