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The #MeTooIndia Movement has really left the country wonder and reassess a lot of things. The movement started on a positive note where predators were called out but who knew it will take such twists and turns!
The sexual predators and even worse, rape were named and shamed but mostly it have really shaken up our judgements of idolizing such people! Names like Alok Nath, Sajid Khan, Rajat Kapoor, Subhash Ghai, Abhijeet Bhattacharya and many more really left us wonder whether we should really look upto anyone in the showbiz!
Another powerful name from the industry popped up is Bollywood celebrity manager Anirban Das Blah. He is the founder of KWAN Entertainment and he was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.
After the allegations of sexual harassment, he was asked to step away from his duties in the organisation. The official spokesperson of KWAN tweeted, "We have asked Anirban Blah to forthwith step aside from his duties, activities and responsibilities at KWAN, its subsidiaries and affiliates with immediate effect."
As per a leading newspaper, Anirban tried committing suicide and before that he was rescued at 12:30 am by cops. The copes rushed after getting a tip-off, he was found walking towards Vashi bridge.
The police revealed, Anirban was climbing the barricades of the bridge and crying when he was found. After the police took him to the police station, Anirban shared that he was frustrated by the #MeToo allegations and the defamation that will follow to his family.
Now another leading digital platform has revealed some more disturbing details about the incident. Blah's apparent suicide attempt is said to be a staged drama. After Blah got to know about a story that was to be published in a newspaper about him, he was hassled. The alleged victim revealed all the about what Anirban had done to her. Next, Anirban asked the newspaper drop the story for his reputation will be ruined. The newspaper did not budge, Anirban threatened to commit suicide.
Understanding to the threat, Anirban shared a suicide note with the exact location to the newspaper. That’s of when the newspaper informed the cops to stop him.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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