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The never scrutiny of camera lenses has made it easy for common people to take an insight on the life of star kids. We have seen that these star kids get immense popularity even before entering the industry. There’ll be hardly anyone who doesn’t know Taimur Khan or Suhana Khan but there is one-star kid who has been in the oblivion for a long time until his film’s trailer finally got released.

Yes, we are talking about Bazaar actor Rohan Mehra who is the son of yesteryear critically acclaimed actor Vinod Mehra. After his father’s death in 1990, Rohan grew up in Mombasa in Kenya with his mother, sister, and grandparents.

No one knew him before the announcement of his big debut where he stars alongside big names like Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte and Chitrangda Singh. He says: “I feel I am an outsider despite being his son. I don’t think I’ve ever used his name to get an interview or a meeting. Till last year, if I had gone to a Bollywood party, I would’ve walked and no one would know who I am. No one even knew I existed. They came to know when the trailer came out, the other so-called star kids we speak about, the ones who are spoken about even before their film has released, I wasn’t one of those. I was never on the map. This is the way I would’ve wanted it to be. I’ve never got anything because of my surname.”

Rohan mentions that the industry is definitely changing as it is now welcoming talented outsiders with open arms.
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- Shivam
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