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In recent times, the digital wave has gained a lot of momentum in the world, and the ever-rising Netflix has been benefitted the most by this wave. Netflix is a digital streaming platform providing quality content that you can binge watch and ‘Chill’, as they say.

But Netflix’s journey has not been going all hunky-dory as recently the online entertainment giant has been accused of an offensive crime of RACISM!

As a part of marketing strategy Netflix came up with the idea of releasing custom posters for TV shows and movies based on your tastes but this strategy backfired as people found this really demeaning.

Netflix tried analyzing the habits of different people to provide a custom poster but some black Netflix customers have complained that these posters are really creepy and it is, in a way targeting their community.

One Twitter user named @slb79 wrote: "Other Black @netflix@ users: does your queue do this? Generate posters with the Black cast members on them to try to compel you to watch? This film stars Kristen Bell/Kelsey Grammer and these actors had maaaaybe a 10 cumulative minutes of screen time. 20 lines between them, tops."

Another Twitter user called @UnironicFlannel wrote: "I hear you 100% I also think this is closer to the intersection of regular creepy marketing and dark patterns/social engineering than most targeting efforts. In the first case where it's a bait and switch designed to generate royalties for a Netflix title."

Responding to the controversy, Netflix’s Ashok Chandrashekar says: "The artwork may highlight an actor that you recognize, capture an exciting moment like a car chase, or contain a dramatic scene that conveys the essence of a movie or TV show, If we present that perfect image on your homepage (and as they say: an image is worth a thousand words), then maybe, just maybe, you will give it a try. A member who watches many movies featuring Uma Thurman would likely respond positively to the artwork for Pulp Fiction that contains Uma, meanwhile, a fan of John Travolta may be more interested in watching Pulp Fiction if the artwork features John."

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- Shivam
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