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Eternity is not just a word; there are many things that’ll stay here even when we are long gone. These include the mesmerizing Taj Mahal, the mighty Himalayas and the glorious SOORYAVANSHAM!

*Bhaanu Pratap approves*

A film that has given us relationship goals, I don’t think anyone’s relation could be as strong and rigid as Bhaanu Pratap and Sony Max.

This movie is not just one of the most sought out guilty pleasure, it is a source of learning/life lessons.

What? You don’t believe me? Well, just scroll down and get to know the life lessons this movie has given:-
1). All You Need Is Good Marketing Strategy To Become An Entrepreneur
Okay, so Heera was illiterate, he buys a bus and sets up a travel business and as soon as he enters the business, he thrashes his competitors, how you ask?

Well, marketing strategies like hiring a sultry lady conductor to entice men so that they book a ticket to Jhumritallaiya and distributing cookers if you buy Heera’s bus tickets did wonder.

And, by the time ‘Kore Kore Sapne Mere’ ends, we see a poor chap turning into a fucking millionaire.

2). Wait For The Right Girl Coz The Right Girl Will Be Hotter!
So, Heera got dumped and insulted by his childhood crush Gauri. She said that Heera is a ‘Jaahil-Gawar’ who will never fit in her social circle. Heera gets heartbroken and sings ‘Dil Mere Tu Deewana Hai’ in lonely streets like a creep.

But, guess what god has other plans as he sends a bombshell for Heera who falls for Heera’s creepiness.
So, basically, in exchange of this:

Heera got this:

Heera Be Like:

3). Never Trust Kids
I’ve always thought that kids are the most annoying creatures who should never be trusted and Bhaanu Pratap proves me right.
So, Bhaanu Pratap, an otherwise big shot, you know someone, jiske naam se logo ki phat ti hai, he gets conned by a kid and makes himself fall into a death trap.

This kid gives our beloved Bhaanu ‘Zeher-Wali-Kheer’, and as soon as Bhaanu takes a bite, he becomes a Kanpurriya and is later admitted to a hospital.

Well, I'd like to conclude by saying -
'Radha ne kara Heera se byah, ban gayi uski wife,
Sooryavansham is oxygen, Sooryavansham is life.'
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- Shivam
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