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Bigg Boss 12 is already getting a lot of attention because of all the controversies that have surrounded its vicinity. And, now to add the spice, the makers have decided to bring in the ‘wild card’ twist.
Wild Card entrant television actor Rohit Suchanti spoke to media before entering the house and this is what he had to say.
Rohit said: “From the time, I found out that things have been finalised, I just can’t keep calm. You wouldn’t believe that I couldn’t sleep last night. I have been only thinking about the show and what would I be doing, once I enter the house. I know wild cards never manage to win but I am pretty confident about myself. I think I will break this notion by winning Bigg Boss 12. Personally, I am a fan of Bigg Boss and religiously watch it every year. Fortunately or unfortunately, this season, there is something amiss. I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly, but the show is not coming across as entertaining. I can assure you guys that once I enter, there wouldn’t be even a second of boredom. I will complete the show and make it successful.”

Rohit was asked which contestant he feels is the best among the lot, he replied: “Initially, I thought that Deepak would do really well. He has a unique Bihari tone, that really stands out and is also quite funny. But I think I expected too much from him. He has started taking the game so seriously that he has forgotten to entertain the audience. He is no more fun. Dipika Kakar is really sweet. She has a lot of experience and that maturity shows. I also enjoy watching Surbhi Rana as she is quite a dhamaka.”

Talking about his strategy, he commented: “I will be completely myself. I have even packed only the clothes that I am comfortable in (smiles). I am a very normal guy, who enjoys making people laugh. I am an entertainer and people say I am really cute. I am also good looking so I would definitely add more value to the show. I really promise that I will entertain you guys. And you guys need to promise that whenever I am in the nominations, you would vote for me. Please keep showering me with your wishes and love on my new journey.”

Now, only time will tell if this twist adds a zing to the show or makes the show go bland.
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- Shivam
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