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They say that maturity amplifies with age but why they didn’t mention that humour too evolves with age!
Well, internet’s savage granny is proving this thing right.
Myrna Tellingheusen started tweeting in 2015 and ever since her debut on the social media, she is enjoying a great attention, thanks to her super hilarious tweets that can crack you up in no time. So far, little is known about Myrna and her identity is a complete mystery.

Myra has once said: "I exist in a modular home park in Rainbow, California, a sleepy little town just north of San Diego, and just south of Temecula, my story is long as fascinating. However, the short version of this story is I want to make social media fun. There is too much acrimony in the world right now, and people need to laugh at themselves."
No one has seen her for real but does that make her Twitter account less hilarious? HELL NO!
We will keep on finding who Myra is, till then enjoy her supremely funny tweets:-

1). Sorry, Mildred But The Old Lady Won’t Spare You

2). You Do Not Mess With The Savage Granny

3). Responsible Citizen

4). She Hates Mildred Like Anything

5). Guys, The Hack Is Here

If getting old brings this much of zing and sarcasm, damn, I just cannot wait to get my legs hanging from the Kabr (grave).
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- Shivam
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