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When puberty hits, it hits like a truck. Many hormonal changes start occurring in our body and sometimes when we are unable to cope with these changes, some embarrassing moments tend to happen.
Now, if we are talking about puberty, let’s lay some attention on ‘Periods’. This topic is still a taboo to talk about in Indian society and that’s just sad. And because it’s such a taboo, the embarrassment associated with it is quite high.
A girl getting her first period goes through an emotional turmoil and sometimes that ‘red-stain’, as they call it makes her the center of unwanted attention. Recently, in a similar situation, a teen girl got trapped.

She got her first period while she was riding back home on a bus, her dress got a stain and she was feeling really uncomfortable, a guy saw this and asked her to take his sweater which she can wrap around her waist and cover the stain to go home comfortably. While the girl resisted at first, the guy insisted and said: ‘I also have sisters, it’s cool.’
As soon the girl’s mother heard this story, she took it to social media to praise this boy who saved the day for the girl. She thanked the boy’s mother for raising him right.

People couldn’t stop praising this lad:

Certainly, it is because of people like him that the world still has some hope left, Well Done!
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- Shivam
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