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Social media has become a one spot destination for people to mingle with strangers. If I talk about myself, I have talked and made friends with people I haven’t seen ever in my life. The thought itself looks very surreal and kind of creepy but this is today’s reality and everyone has gotten used to it.
One can easily hide behind the wired network and say anything they want and this turns real ugly sometimes.
So, in a recent case, a vegetable artist received a message from this guy named James Barett. James wrote: "What are your plans this evening”, and as a normal reply, the artist said: ‘Draw vegetables’ but the innocent text took an ugly turn when James’s possessive wife saw these messages.
She took James phone and replied: “Hey. Just to let u know. Im james barretts wife. Fuck off.”
The artist was astounded by this reaction and she narrated the incident on her social media, she also shared the screenshot of the alleged conversation.
Here is the screenshot:

People took a notice of this weird situation and the meme gates got opened. A massive tsunami of these memes sailed in and some of them are so hilarious that you’d crack up in no time.
So, without much ado scroll down and laugh your ass off:-
1). Jame’s wife is vicious

2). Simpsons flourish the meme culture

3). As if this scene was less terrifying that they had to add James’s wife as well *SCREAMS*

4). Because Priorities!

5). Oooohhhhh!!!!

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- Shivam
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