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We all love lakes but how about looking at some frozen lakes?
If you haven’t given a thought about this earlier, this story will surely make you wanderlust. India doesn’t much have the staggering cold barring some of the severely cold places but outside India, there is a plethora of places when winter strikes really hard. When lakes turn frozen, there is a great scope of beauty, art and much more than you can think of!
1. Frozen Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis
This American waterfall has frozen by creating this gigantic spectacle for the visitors.
2. Alberta's Lake, Abraham, Canada
Gorgeous to say the least but equally dangerous if popped. Alberta's Lake Abraham is filled with frozen bubbles where it is trapped with methane.
3. Lake Druzhby, Antarctica
Complete visual beauty, but the interesting thing in this lake is that only the water is frozen and not the salt.
4. Lake Baikal, Russia
Being the largest fresh water source in the world, frozen lakes can indeed turn into great artwork.
5. Black Sea of Odessa, Ukraine
This rare natural phenomenon in the Northern Hemisphere is turning into a no-man’s land.
6. Lake Michigan, US
Ooh! You have to be careful to walk on these shards of broken ice.
7. Green Frozen Pond, Hokkaido, Japan
The ever beautiful and gorgeous Japan has more colors to offer since this lake changes color each passing day.
8. Frozen Waterfalls, Illinois
The winding canyons and plunging waterfalls in the Prairie State during winter makes the travelers really wonder about the magnificence of nature.
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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