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In case you are wondering, what is Zentangle art, it is the most fun, relaxing and easy-to-learn art. Using this technique, you can create the most beautiful drawings. This art is drawn through structured patterns with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves and orbs.
1. Created by Jasmin M. Moises with the theme “Under The Sea”. You can have your own interpretation to what you see.
2. Posted by Moravia School Art, which captioned “8th grade’s colorful zentangle animals came out amazing!”
3. Created by Anubhuti Gupta, the picture is themed on 'Motherhood' depicting the love of a mother and the connection she builds between her womb and the world.
4. Created by a Mexican artist, themed as Fall mandala.
5. Mandala by Supritha Vernekar, these simple shapes are called as the "Elemental Strokes".
6. The most vivid portrayal of elephant which really shows traditions of India and fondness for this humble animal.
7. A unicorn will never fail to make you happy right? This beautiful and colourful piece is made by Divya Murali.
8. Created by Azka Afzal, this kitty cat is peaking into your lives and check if you are happy or else she will come to make you happy!
Here’s a bonus!
Zentangle is a form of art which is non-representational and unplanned so that you have to focus on each stroke and as a result, you stop thinking about everything else. This helps you in releasing stress and it is also a form of meditation. Don’t you want to have a meditation which doesn’t seem boring as a starter?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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