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Sholay did not become India’s iconic film just like that but it shows the basics in the most fun way possible. The movies have every emotion and as we Indians are generally quite melodramatic, these dialogues will surely work wonders in your daily life.
When you are struggling on dealing with monotonous life, these dialogues from Sholay can be your saviour, here:
1. When you are planning to ask permission to your girlfriend’s parents to marry her! Also I recommend, do not plan this if you are meeting them for the first time…
2. When you haven’t cleaned your gas oven for too long and now you need guts to start cleaning it.
3. When you have kept too much inside you when everyone else is planning and plotting around you and just one day, it is too much for you take it in!
4. When you have to put across a point in front of your boss or HR. LOL! You can try this and ab toh uparwala hi bachay tumhe and tumhare boss ko humiliation k chungul se!
5. When the pub is filled with creepy-crawlies but your girlfriend is out of control with all that vodkas she has had!
6. After saying the first dialogue, if your girlfriends’ parents come to kill you but your bike is not starting.
7. When you opened Facebook after 1 week and your mom still comes to scold the hell out of you.
8. When your gal-pal enters the bar and some man tries to manhandle them but ladies do what they wanna do anyway!
9. When the mosquitos have sucked your blood all night long and you get up in the morning with red skin next morning all over.
10. If someone tries to offend my friends in anyway infront of me, no mercy for them with my poisonous sarcasm!
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Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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