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When it comes to desi girls, ‘jugaad’ is life because we are not known for being multi-tasking just casually. ‘Jugaad’ is a talent every girl more or less have to handle worst of the worst situation.
So, when it comes to fashion and girls, they are kind of like butter and bread. Well, everyone has a different approach to fashion but mishaps in fashion is something we go through quite often. Thus, we have developed a special type of talent to solve our problem with the resources we have and that is ‘Jugaad’.
Here Are The Most Used Jugaads By Desi Girls:
1. If you want to have a curly look but you ain’t got the curler, making braids is the most desi things to do, infact, it works wonders.
2. If you want to make a statement wearing oversized shirt or T-shirt, we don’t really go to the mall but straight run into our brothers’, dads’ or boyfriends’ wardrobe.
3. We love off-shoulders in your teenage years or even every now and then, you try to create your own version right? You just need to get the deep neck t-shirt and pull one side off-the-shoulder and say hi to the beautiful!
4. If you are the Sari babe and you have found sexiness in the flourishing and swooning saris, Girl, then you might have also used your bralettes as sari blouses. Didn’t you? Don’t you lie and also the companion to crop tops and off-the-shoulder separetes.
5. Eye creams are too mainstream, for desi girls, cold spoons work just miraculously on puffy eyes. Also ice cubes or frozen tea bags does the job pretty well!
Fashion has many advantages but it comes with its challenges and we know how to solve it with our “Jugaad” skills.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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