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Ayushman Khurrana is having a dream run of his career, his last four films have been received exceptionally well by critics and the audience and this has cemented his place as an A-lister of the film industry.

The Andhadhun actor says that amid all the success, it was his theatre background that helped him stay grounded, he says: “I am close to the people at grass-root level. I have a theatre in Chandigarh. I go there every year and take workshops. And my juniors from college are very simple people. So you get that perspective at the same time, when you meet them and are with them for seven days every day for one hour for chai and samosa. So my theatre background keeps me very sane and my connect with them makes me more real.”

He accepts that getting too much success instantly can make anyone go insane but he is glad that he didn’t let success overpower his sanity.

He commented: “It is just that for your own good, you should get off that pedestal as soon as possible. So that you are sane. It is not easy though. Especially, since both the films did well. Like both the films together will be hitting the Rs 150 crore mark which is like quite new for me and amazing at the same time but also at the same time, it is good for you. For your own sanity and levelheadedness that you should take it easy.”
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- Shivam
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