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Every person has a different personality along with different character. Thus, the way of sitting for different people is not the same as well. Someone likes to sitting spreading their legs, someone folds his legs, and there are some who can’t sit at all till they place one leg in another.
8 Ways Of Sitting Will Tell You How People Are:
1. People who sits tilting towards their front side
They are very curious people and prefers to know about unknown topics rather than be with people. They also have the capability of easily winning people with their charm.
2. People who prefers to sit back
Those who prefer to sit back, they love to take time in anything they do. Such people are very emotional and sensitive and their life decisions are driven through emotions.
3. People who sits straight up
People who sits in a forthright manner are very confident. They have leadership qualities in them and also quite helpful. Also, such people are very health conscious.
4. People who sits by keeping both their feet together
They are the perfectionists. They give out an impression that they are very difficult in nature but they are very hearty and kind.
5. People who sits by keeping both their hands tucked inside their leg
Very sensitive in nature, they have an amazing talent of understanding the others but also, they are the kind of people who are a bit shy. They lack self-confidence.
6. People sitting crossing both their hands
People who sits crossing two hands are quite confident but they lack in smiling that often. They take time to get friendly to people.
7. People who sits crossing the two legs
They love to master everything and have an urge to know everything. Also, these people have the urge to control all situation.
8. People who sits placing one leg in another
People sitting placing on leg in another lacks self-confidence. They love to stay among themselves.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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