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In the words of ‘The Great Michael Scott’: ‘The Office’ is a crazy place.
And, we completely agree with this. We meet a bunch of strangers and within no time, they become an integral part of our life, we spend most hours of our day with them; we connect with some while we diss the others.
A plethora of characters can be found in an office compound and it’s just surreal to think.
An illustrator who goes by the name of Elizabeth Pich took it upon her to create a comic that shows the variety of people we find at an office and trust me it is outlandishly hilarious.
Elizabeth says: “[My creative partner Jonathan and I] have hardly worked in offices, but when we did, we tried to befriend the office dog, all of these [types] are based on actual colleagues we’ve worked with. You know who you are.”
So, without much ado, let us scroll down and meet some ‘OFFICIALS’:-
1). Someone who’ll keep bragging about the crash and keto diets.

2). This guy is never happy, just never!

3). Gossip is what these people live for.

4). Expectations have no boundaries.

5). Every office has a party animal, right?

6). The geek around us.

7). Everyone welcome the pseudo intelligent.

8). He can put Mr.India to shame as Mr.India was still SEEN in red light.

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- Shivam
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