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Confusion – A state where the mind perplexes and it is savagely loved by Christopher Nolan.

So, most of us want clarity in life, right? I mean when things are clear, life goes all hunky and dory but if there comes any confusion where we have to choose between options, it makes one’s day real tough.
Well, sorry to break it to you but get ready to face the dilemmatic situation.


Every year, the weather condition get a little tricky at this time of the year, we are not sure if we are feeling hot or we are feeling cold and trust me it is annoying. It is much more annoying than a person scratching his nails on a board, so now calculate!

For starters, we are thrown to face one of the most difficult conundrums – to choose if we want warm water or cold water to bath!
The weather tests our calculative powers. We need to determine the exact condition to pick the desired state of water.

Now, if you pass this test easily, get ready to face another wrath, that is – to choose what to wear?
If you wear something really light, you are gonna feel cold and if you are gonna wear something bright, you are going to feel all hot and sweaty.

Your mind is put in a quandary and you will have to beat this situation to emerge victoriously.
Now, the last stage – the blanket situation.
If you turn on the fan, you will feel cold, if you don’t you will feel tropical; so what do you do?
Well, this:

Thanks to whosoever invented blankets!
Meanwhile, get yourself ready as the WINTER IS COMING!
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- Shivam
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