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Have you ever observed looking at poster how does a simple design move you or make you emote? It takes a lot of effort to make a design and lots of thinking is involved in the process where color is surely one of the major part. If you are not a graphic designer or painter or an art enthusiast, you will never give a thought on the meaning of color but it will purely work on the basis of your instinct and emotion.
So, when you see a color or design, the way you feel the design can be attributed to the subconscious psychology working on looking at a color or the combination of it.
The colors and its meaning:
1. Green
Green symbolises balance and growth.
2. Blue
Blue make you feel loyal and with integrity.
3. Red
Red is the color for fire and love which symbolises love, sensuality, power and danger.
4. Orange
Orange means social communication and optimism.
5. Yellow
Yellow symbolises optimism and cheerful.
6. White
White is the symbol of peace and purity.
7. Purple
Purple is the colour of imagination.
8. Black
Black is the mystical colour which represents something hidden and secretive.
9. Pink
Pink is the color of sensitivity and feminity.
10. Brown
Brown symbolises stability and solid foundation as it is the color of Earth and soil.
11. Grey
Grey means compromise and the color of detachment. It also conveys maturity, practicality and protection.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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