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We all love makeup tutorials because they have literally made our lives easier. Tutorials have also solved many of our mysteries which earlier was the weapon of the parlour aunties to take all our savings. *sigh*
But not anymore! Now, we have makeup tutorials and that is our superpower. Though there are mishaps here and there which we are going to discuss.
Here are the thoughts you have while watching makeup tutorials:
1. The moment you see the video endorsing the product to be of multi-usage and we feel like, we should buy it. Even when you don’t even do make-up or use these products rarely.
2. When the blogger does her contouring as it spreading warm butter in the bread.
3. When the artist uses makeup products, we don’t have and we gasp “Oh shit!” in our mind.
4. When the blogger nonchalantly say, they barely need anything product for this makeup and immediately shows us 14 different products they need for the same video.
5. The time camera pans to all the products and you get an orgasm of colors pouring in all the way.
6. When you are binge watching makeup tutorials and you suddenly realise, you don’t even do makeup, not even at weddings!
7. When the blogger does their winged liner right in one stroke.
8. When the artist ensures us that we can use any budget product but proceeds to use MAC themselves.
9. The smokey eyes they do Vs the smokey eyes we do are literally deception.
10. When the blogger don’t even look at the mirror while doing the makeup and still gets in on point.
The moral of the story being, make-up tutorials does help but the expectations we have in our mind to be a pro at the first day always is just illusion!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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