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Netflix has given us many kickass series to satisfy our ‘Binge-Watch- hunger but 2014’s animated series Bojack Horseman stands apart from everything. The series told the story of a humanoid horse and took humorous/satirical take on depression, anxiety, and life via edgy jokes, and as expected it went on to become a huge hit. Recently, Netflix renewed the series for its next season.
We have compiled 3 best quotes from the show that will help you see life from a different perspective:-
When Bojack showed us the REAL mirror!

We all are living a dual life and if someone actually knows the real you, it’s no one but YOU. The side you do not show in front of others for you are afraid that they might corner you after seeing that.
When Bojack questioned our escape plans!

Today, we have taken our TV screens as an escape plan for our life's despair. If we are sad, we just sit in front of a TV set with a laid-back attitude and try to forget all the happenings of life, which indeed is making us weaker and Bojack pointed at our soft nerve.
Because, society thinks that crying makes you a pussy, so just HIDE and CRY!

There are people who tend to behave very rough in front of others and shedding a drop or two is a sign of weakness for them. Bojack bashed this pseudo masculinity with sheer perfection.
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- Shivam
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