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If there is one place in world that can be called the mecca of diversity, it is definitely Delhi. This place holds a special place in our hearts for its cultural diversity and inexplicable charm. Delhites love Delhi BUT….
The one we love hurt us the most and this sounds very true in this case. Delhi’s hazardous air condition has taken a toll on everyone.

WHO, in a survey, claimed that Delhi’s air quality is fifth biggest reason of deaths caused in India. Around 1.5 million die because of Delhi’s hazardous air quality. With the ever soaring bad air quality index Delhi has become a gas chamber that is creating adverse ill effects on peoples’ health.
And, the little kids are most affected by this devastated change in surroundings. Some have already started facing breathing issues while some are on the verge of it, the mere thought of this situation makes it really scary but in Delhi, it is legit happening. Schools are advised to restrict outdoor activities so that the children would not be in direct contact of hazardous material floating in the environment.

With Diwali coming next week, this air quality situation will worsen, so Delhites fasten your seat belts as hell is going to break loose now.
Many people have gone on twitter to express their grief and frustration about Delhi’s weather, have a look:-

All we can say is that this is our planet and we will have to save it, I have minimalized the use of things that can cause pollution. If I can, You can.
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- Shivam
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