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Dogs are literally the blessings from the Almighty, when these puffy paw creatures wage their tail, everything just stops for a moment and our heart melts like a candle.

Dogs know us much better than we know ourselves, right?
But, the question is how well do you know your dogs?
Here are 10 amazing facts about your dog that’ll make you DOGGO GENIUS:-

1). Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws.

They are located between the paws and it helps them to cool down their body temperature.
2). A 1-year-old dog is as mature as a 15 yr old human being.

Dogs : 1 l Human : 0
3). Dogs can hear 4 times as far as a human can hear.

Dogs can hear higher pitched sounds, detecting a frequency range of 67 to 45,000 hertz while human range is from 64 to 23,000 Hertz.
4). Your dog has the ability to smell feelings.

Now, you know why that furry creature tries hugging you when you are kinda sad or frown.
5). Dogs can easily see in the dark.

Thanks to the special membrane, called the tapetum lucidum, dogs do not need any night vision power to see things in dark.
6). Finally, let’s break this myth!

No, Dogs do not see just see in black and white, they can also see in colours like blue, greenish-yellow, yellow and various shades of gray.
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- Shivam
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