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Just imagine the smell of roses blooming all around you and you have nothing to worry about and just enjoy the moment, that is exactly what Sunday mornings of November are.
I woke up at 8 am which is not generally my waking time at weekends but after I woke, I didn’t feel like sleeping again. Actually I had to finish the last chapter of my book and I was too excited to give up my sleep like that but there is more.
Majorly because of the book but the harmony of the morning was also the reason I didn’t feel like going back to sleep again. So, I just made myself a cup of Darjeeling tea and sat with my book in my terrace. I know it’s quite clichéd but there is really something about it which feels so good and so positive.
So, in between reading the book, I was getting pleasurably disturbed by the thin sunlight which just gave out a goldly tone to every houses and trees. Some of the birds chirping here and there and so less of people and noise. Whatever noise was reaching my ears were working like music and far from cacophony.
November have a certain which none of the other months have, this month particularly is neither too cold, neither too hot. When we talk about November mornings, it is lightly cold but the hardly pouring sunlight gives you that cosy feeling which we want everyday but then we have to rush to our office. Sunday morning is careless, no worries stretching from the past night, neither do we have the office rush in the morning. So, just indulging the day to help pour some peace into your life!
Finally, I finished my book, though the ending was quite heavy for my emotions but still I was sitting there happy about finishing the book, having a great start to the day, great tea and also, now I have a long day which might not seem long anymore with this current mood.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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