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So, eight months ago, UBER was highly criticised as their ‘invention’ killed a pedestrian in Arizona but now UBER wants to retest their ‘No-Driver’ cars on public roads and they are assuring that this time they have made sure that a high concern would be laid on safety when the testing would take place.

The company wants to conduct a test in Pittsburgh and for this; the gigantic company is in talks with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The company has assured that two human backup drivers will be there in the car, if in case the situation goes haphazard.
Noah Zych, Uber's head of system safety for self-driving cars says: "Our goal is to really work to regain that trust and to work to help move the entire industry forward, we think the right thing to do is to be open and transparent about the things that we are doing."

According to reports, the company is also planning to bring in a team of technical expertise to help them achieve their vision of autonomous vehicles.
Walker-Smith addressed the case and said: "Frankly, I'm looking for more from Uber than from other companies, and I suspect that governments may be as well."

Well, kudos to UBER for creating marvellous technical marvel that has the potential to shape up the future but no one wants a future at the cost of lives, do we? UBER, buckle up and give safety the topmost priority.
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- Shivam
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