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And the festival of lights is here. The whole country is decorated as a beautiful bride, surrounded by lights and a gleeful vibe; DIWALI has announced its arrival and we just cannot wait to amplify our calories tonight. *sigh*

So, everyone knows what Diwali is but the question is ‘HOW MUCH’ do you know about Diwali? *winks*
Let’s have a quick look at these amazing facts about Diwali that’ll light up your knowledge cave:-

1). Diwali is derived from the combination of two Sanskrit words: ‘Dipa’ and ‘Awali’ where Dipa stands for lights and Awali stands for rows. Thus, the literal meaning of Diwali equals to ‘Series or Rows of Lights’.

2). Diwali is one of the most secular festivals out there. It is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs. While the story of festival differs from each other, the central idea of – ‘victory of light over darkness’ remains the same.

3). Goddess Lakshmi is believed to stroll on earth on Diwali, thus everyone keep their house doors open. In this way, they tend to welcome Lakshmi in their homes so that she could bring prosperity and happiness in their lives.

4). According to Hindu Vikram Calendar, Diwali also marks the start of a new year. Mostly, businessmen and traders believe in this concept, and they start a new financial year on this day.

5). Diwali is a festival that benefits online shopping portals on a large scale. A lot of shopping takes place during Diwali days and this nourishes the online businessmen. According to a survey, the online shopping business takes a jump of at least 40 percent during the Diwali period.

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- Shivam
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