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Diwali is incomplete without colourful and bright Rangolis, so why miss out on the best designs which set the mood for festivities right!
Rangolis near the entrance of the house or at the midst of the hall is the most Indian way to celebrate Diwali. Also, the drawing these beautiful design with your closed ones or even alone is altogether a different experience.
Here are 17 designs that are unique yet you can make them easily:
1. The Gujarati style rangoli will bring lots of brightness into your life this Diwali.
2. This cute and flowery Ganeshji will make sure that there is no absence of cuteness.
3. Drawing rangoli near the entrance of the house is one of the many traditional ways Indians like to decorate their houses during important festivals especially Diwali.
4. A simple yet very neat rangoli will let your life be cluster-free.
5. Though most of these designs are abstract patterns using color, flowers, rice and diyas, they have the power to make anyone happy just looking at them.
6. Make use of any Indian spices too because they have many more utility than just making yummy dishes.
7. Celebrate Diwali the way you want to because there is no one way of celebrating Indian festivals.
8. For a beginner or for those who loves minimalism, this is the perfect short and sweet rangoli.
9. For brightness and contrast, this design is what is prescribed for you.
10. Finding beauty in complications might be the reason behind rangolis. They are filled with layers yet look so gorgeous.
11. This simplistic flowery design is best for you and your roommate to enjoy in your hostel room or PG.
12. Another flowery design with a little more complication but ever beautiful and fresh.
13. The traditional Diwali design to set the mood for the festival and perfect for puja in the morning.
14. If you the South Indian diva and celebrating Diwali down South, Balaji is perfect for your household.
15. Another one exclusively for beginners though if you are too tired, you can also try this minimalistic rangoli to brighten up your room.
16. This is great as the entrance rangoli infront of the main gate of your house.
17. Why leave the corners alone right?
Celebrate Diwali at its best and don’t forget to try out these designs by yourselves and don’t be sad if you fail, it’s part of life.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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