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Jimmy Fallon is the god of giving quirkiest challenges. Yes, even, Raghu from Roadies cannot match his standards when it comes to giving challenges.
The talk show host is very popular on twitter where he is often seen asking people about their experiences and stories and what follows next is a rollercoaster ride. Taking the legacy forward, Jimmy asked people to share why their Halloween was #TheWeirdestHalloweenEver.
And, as expected, tweets crashed the gates and flowed in, people shared bizzare stories that made the netizens roll on floor laughing.
Scroll down and get all cracked up: -
1). Because Period Jokes Never Get Old

2). Now, That Is Called ‘TIT FOR TAT’

3). I Always Knew That ‘Bubba Shrimp’ Will Always Dig Out The Fortunes, It Will Transcend Timelines And Guess I Was Right, HAHA!

4). And The Award For The Most Heinous Yet Funniest Prank Goes To..

5). And The Legend Himself

Ok, Halloween is regarded as a fest where people try to scare the shit out of their peers and family, cos-players arrive on streets but not in Jimmy’s world. He clearly had some other plans to celebrate Halloween, that is, by spreading smiles and laughter. But, do we complain, HELL NO!
Keep on doing what you are doing, FALLON THE CAPTAIN!
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- Shivam
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