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As we grow up, many of the things in life changes and we leave behind a lot. So one of the days which we waited eagerly the year was our own birthday because there cannot be any celebration which will solely give you all the attention. Birthday is that celebration where everything revolves around you and who doesn’t love that?
On the contrary, an adult does love to celebrate their birthdays but decorations, balloons, guest list becomes too much for them in their hectic schedule. The form of simple joys changes as you grow from a kid to an adult. Here are some illustrations of how different birthdays become:
1. This is the perpetual thought difference that occurs between you as a kid and when you become an adult. What a contrast, the thing you looked forward about as a kid doesn’t seem so interesting after all.
2. Yes, the more independent you become, the more responsibility comes to feed and entertain others. LOL!
3. That is still fine as long as you don’t have to socialise with unnecessary people. Those who really values will always be there.
4. OH OH! Because the time you say you are 25 or more, the horror question of “When you will get married?” will surround you no matter how educated people they are!
5. Though you still get gifts, there was another kind of charm in opening those gift boxes in the childhood days which is there but dimmed down.
6. Well, atleast they are wishing after getting reminded, there are many (like me) who don’t even wish after getting reminded!
7. Don’t get so monotonous with your life or so work oriented that you have to think about this question! Just a humble request.
8. Hate it! Hate it! Absolutely hate it!
On the level of 1-10, how relatable are these illustrations to you?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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