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Ever since the inception of mankind, the human brain has constantly been running towards inventions and making the world technologically advanced. Right from inventing ‘fire from stones’ to ‘shuttles going to space’, we have certainly come a long way and there is still a long way to go.
If we have to sum it up, we can say that future is going to be very ‘TECH-IE’, many exemplary gadgets are in talks of making and we just cannot wait to have a hand of them. With flying automobiles and Space visit plans, the future certainly looks advanced.
Technology has made the unimaginable possible, so let us just scroll down quickly and gawk at some mind-boggling tech-facts:-
1). The ‘Mozilla Firefox’ browser gets its name from ‘Firefox’ that means red panda in English language.

2). Did you know that the term ‘Robot’ is derived from a Czech word ‘robota’ that translates to forced labour.

3). The first Video Camera Recorder was made in 1956 with its size as big as a Jazz piano.

4). The world’s first camera made people sit still for about 8 hours if they wanted to get clicked. DAMN!

5). We all use GPS services for free but do you know that it costs around $2 million per day to function, this money comes from the tax revenue.

6). If you have an itunes account made, you have signed to not use the account for the making of nuclear weapons.

7). The first domain name was registered in 1985, the address is , it is still active and serves as an online Internet museum.

8). In 1999, the very popular PayPal was termed as one of the worst business ideas ever.


Q- Known as the Pulsed Light Therapy this technology is also a name of cricket tournament and rejuvenates the skin by minimizing age spots. Name the technology device
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- Shivam
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