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Richa Chaddha is soon going to be seen in the biopic of actress Shakeela who was a sex-symbol in the gone by years. The movie had to be shot in Kerela but it couldn’t be possible because of the devastating floods that happened in this region and the crew had to create Kerela in Karnataka.

Director Indrajit Lankesh who has completed most part of the film comments on his experience of recreating Kerela: "We finished the scripting and location search for the film well in advance, which is a regular process. A week before we started rolling (in Kerala), the rain started and then the floods... So yes, it was very difficult for us to change everything immediately for our shooting. But I would say that creating Kerala in Karnataka was a blessing in disguise. We have got some of the unexplored locations in various parts of Karnataka," Lankesh told IANS in an interview on-location here. We had to create some specific structures of Kerala architecture on set to make it look authentic. We had to work a little harder to create that world (in Bengaluru), but I think it is worth investing such energy. The story is worth telling."

Reportedly, Shakeela was often criticised for her bold scenes and she had even received the tag of a ‘porn star’. Lankesh says that this is a story that needed to be told, he says: "I think all the tags and isolation she dealt with in her life has come from the society, especially from the narrow-minded people. She was called a porn star or a B-grade film actress. A porn film never released in theatres, all her films were certified by the authority. Since those films made huge money, it is clear that we have an audience for such content. Then why disrespect an actor to be part of such content?"

The film releases somewhere in March 2019.
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- Shivam
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