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There will be hardly anyone who is not fascinated by Islands, the small piece of land surrounded with water and lush greenery enthralls each and every one.
People love Islands as they can find the much-needed seclusion and tranquility at this place, the quiet vibes win you throughout. I mean come on, each one of us has dreamt of owning an Island, didn’t we?
Just going around restlessly strolling on the pebble-covered land can make you forget about your stress and worries in no time and this is one of the primary reasons for Islands to be a hot favorite among people.
So, to enhance your knowledge spectrum about Islands, we bring you 5 smallest Islands where people actually live on:-
1). Caye Chapel

This two and a half mile long island is located in Central America. It hosts just one resort with an eighteen hole golf course and that is about it.
2). Thousand Islands

There are 1,864 islands located in the Saint Lawrence River between Canada and the US and this one island among them is large enough to contain just one cottage, which was built in 1950’s and has often been used as a weekend getaway.
3). Suwarrow

The Suwarrow Atoll, also known as the ‘Treasure’ Island is a part of the Cooke Islands. It is immensely popular among people for it is believed that there are a lot of gold chests on this island, some treasures were found as well while some are still a mystery craving to be solved.
4). Surin

This island is situated near the Thailand coast and tourists are often seen here for diving activity. Apart from this, the sea gypsies can be seen living here in sea boats.
5). Easter Island

One of the most popular Islands in the world, it is located over 2,000 miles from the coast of Chile. It is famous for its weather and lush green forests that fall under its vicinity.
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- Shivam
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