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There is a saying: ‘Never expect too much, expectations are deceptive.’
Guess, this saying stands tall for the latest Aamir Khan release ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’. From past 2 years the hype around the film was inexplicable but ever since the film has released, it has been receiving backlash for providing a done to death content mingled with yawn-worthy dialogues and uninspiring performances.
And, let’s just not get to VFX and direction part; I won’t be able to speak.
The film was special for many reasons, firstly the fiery duo of Amitabh and Aamir was going to share screen space for the first time and secondly, this was YRF’s biggest project to date. A whopping 300 crore was spent to make this film look grand and it does look the part but you cannot create a story with money, that’s the whole problem.
Today, as we were noticing the debacle of ‘Thugs’, we did a quick maths to find what other things YRF could have done with INR 300 crore instead of investing that money in this cold affair:-
1). It’s far better to eat slurpy noodles instead of wasting money on this dud.

2). At least, you’d get better content to watch.

3). This could have given you a good trip and loving memories.

4). Looking at beautiful beaches and the mighty sky would have given you happiness but this film will just give you a scar.

5). How good it’d have been to invest the money in this beauty rather than investing it on stinky VFX generated ships.

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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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