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Heat and summer are the two deadly word which a tropical country like India hates. In case, you are feeling bad about the scorching summers of India, here are the hottest places on Earth to make your weather seem a bit better:
1. Dasht-e Lut, Iran - 159.3° F
In 2005, NASA’s Aqua satellite declared the place for being the maximum surface temperature which makes it the hottest on Earth. Dasht-e Lut desert is located in Iran’s southeastern region, the temperature of this place is 159° F or 70.5° Celsius.
2. Badlands in Queensland, Australia - 156.7° F
Queensland went through a severe drought in 2002 as recorded by NASA and because of that the surface temperature of the Badlands Outback has worsened that highly. Currently the temperature of the land is 156.7° F or 69.2° Celsius.
3. Flaming Mountains, China - 152.2° F
As much as spectacular the flaming mountain looks, NASA satellite recorded the surface temperature in 2002 to be 152.2° F or 66.8° Celsius.
4. Death Valley, California, US - 134.1° F
Not only one of the hottest but on July 10, 1913, Death Valley was recorded the world’s highest air temperature. Till date it remains the highest air temperature in the world and with a surface temperature of 134.1° F or 156.7° Celsius.
5. Kebili, Tunisia - 131° F
This desert oasis sure looks like a picturesque town but the surface temperature can be brutal as 131° F or 55° Celsius.
6. Rub’al Khali, Arabian Peninsula - 131° F
Rub'al Khali is the second largest sand desert in the world which receives only 3 centimeters of annual rainfall. Therefore, the temperature of this desert soar during summer to 131° F or 55° Celsius.
7. Ghadames, Libya - 131° F
Ghadames is a town in the midst of a desert with population of over 7,000. Because of the scorching heat of 131° F or 55° Celsius, people mostly prefers to stay at houses made of mud, lime or tree trunks.
8. Timbuktu, Mali - 130.1° F
Timbuktu’s summers are surely hot with 130.1° F or 54.5° Celsius but even the winters of this place is as high as 90° F or 30° Celsius.
9. Araouane, Mali - 130° F
This small village set in the Sahara Desert is the neighbour of Timbuktu, thus, the heat is destructible.
10. Tirat Zvi, Israel - 129° F
This place is home to a tiny community of 642 people and with the scorching heat of 129° F or 53.9° Celsius, this place is Israel’s largest date producer with over 18,000 trees.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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