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There are many things we do to look mature but just when you lock your room’s door, the real kid monster comes out of you. When you are alone in your room or when you assume, no one’s watching you, you start doing things which you are guilty about but that gives you a lot of pleasure too.
Yes, we are talking about the secret things you indulge in and then lie about it infront of people. No, we are not going to talk about sexual stuff but the simple joys of life which you are guilty to confront infront of other. Because that might smash you “mature” image. LOL
Here are some of the guilty pleasures you indulge in secretly:
1. Guys do love watching romantic movies and chick flick because they are want to have fun and keep things on the brighter side.
2. You do dance like a weirdo when you are alone and all kind of freaky moves you got in your mind, you try them mindlessly.
3. You love farting in your room. There is a difference between farting as a natural phenomenon and then enjoying the sound of it.
4. You love watching make-up tutorial videos, yes, the guys too. Many of the girls do try them at home and fail all the time too. That doesn’t stop them to watch another video.
5. You practice fighting and kick-boxing infront of the mirror. You then go on to make angry faces, grunge and all sorts of fake faces too.
6. You stalk your exes on social media and feel good/bad about yourself. Puff!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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