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Pirates are fun, I mean, ever since Johnny Depp introduced me to the world of pirates, I have been dreaming to become one.
Their misadventure on massive ships sailing on the crust of roaring sea, arghhh…just thinking about it gives me all sorts of goosebumps.

The life of pirates is deadly, to say the least, and if this lifestyle is given to the calm and beauty personified Disney princesses, what would happen? Something surreal, right?
Well, The 19-year-old Dutch artist Yenthe Joline has portrayed this surrealistic fantasy on her canvas. She has started a series in which she has turned cute Disney princesses into brave pirates. Intriguing, right?
Yenthe says: “I started the project with Disney Princesses as pirates for fun a few years ago because I love pirates and Disney princesses, and I wanted to make my version of what I thought that would look like combined. My idea was to make them all look like a part of a crew and to keep most of their original looks and outfits but with a pirate twist. It was just fun to do.”
Well, Yenthe, we must agree that your imaginative powers are exemplary and the output that has arrived is nothing sort of a delight to the eyes.
So, without much ado, let us board on the ships of these super adorable pirates:-
1). Ariel

2). Mulan

3). Elsa

4). Aurora

5). Anna

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- Shivam
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